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Guys, we all seem to think Rose is probably really elegant

but what if she’s a huge dork

things i want to draw sometime


quickly jotting this down before i forget it again

feel free to use these headcanons as well since I am tossing them out here:

ATLA psychopomps -

  • fire nation - religion centered around one neutral-gender god, Agni, and other minor gods seen as reincarnations thereof (this was co-opted greatly by Sozin to deify royalty); duality reflected in two dieties as well as happy/sad nature of celebrations; Lord Flame presides over first ceremony that is a celebration of the life list of accomplishments (in middle class to lower class this often becomes like a wake, with copious alcohol); Lady Ash presides after the second ceremony which happens afterwards as the ashes from cremation are entombed and everyone cries/openly displays grief. Lady Ash also presides over ceremony that can happen anywhere from a year onward where the spouse of the deceased goes to pick the bones from the ceremonial ashes and essentially re-burns them along with an article of their own clothing (usually a mourning veil) - this openly signifies to society that they are out of mourning and able to be courted
  • water tribe - death universally seen as dark, scary, cold thing, presided over by ghoulish half-rotten man with blue skin riding on massive sledge. is said to be reaching up to grab you to colloquially describe frostbite. many little rituals are to equip the deceased to bribe this deity to be kind. burial is done by building stone cairns or by building a boat + cremation on the sea, whichever is more practical in local resources.
  • air nomads - death universally seen as a joyous thing. Mother Vulture is responsible psychopomp - pictured as an old woman with a very friendly, grandmotherly nature wearing ceremonial necklaces and a cloak of bird feathers. ‘taken into Mother Vulture’s arms’ is colloquialism for ‘died’. death seen as a sort of ‘truly coming home’ as a return to the spirit. burial is universally sky burial e.g. laying the bones out for animals to pick, hence Mother Vulture.
  • earth kingdom - traditions and superstitions vary hugely, and often the type of psychopomp is tied to region as well as what is done with the body. mummification is practiced among the sand tribes, burial and cremation are also common; swamp tribe has the rather unique practice of burial intentionally without any coffin and then the planting of a tree over the burial site as to make a memorial forest. in ba sing se, things slide into something most like traditional shinto beliefs with reverence for ancestors. it is said that once a family line becomes truly great, it is gifted with its own psychopomp in the form of some unreal or supernatural animal; this often becomes (or takes the form of) the animal the clan uses for its symbol. for example, the Bei Fongs had their animal set when an ancestor saw a flying boar, and then was filled with the immediate sense that he was going to die; he collapsed but after recovering from fainting seemed perfectly calm and finally passed away three days later. having a similar spirit animal sent to ‘guide one along’ is seen as a family not only ‘making it’ in the mortal world, but also in the infinitely complex celestial bureaucracy of gods and spirits.

Felt like drawing Luffy from Film Z with his black arm thing since it looked so cool. 

damn but that looks really cool, nice look for the shape and stretching effects with his arm


Felt like drawing Luffy from Film Z with his black arm thing since it looked so cool. 

damn but that looks really cool, nice look for the shape and stretching effects with his arm



realistically the space under my bed is very small so if a monster did in fact live there it would have to also be very small

it would be some kind of baby monster

i would have to look after it

The true horror: responsibility



Australian Photoset #17

Want to see more?

Canadian Photoset #16

Thoughts kaldwins?

trappedinavelociraptor replied to your post “plot twist, the original Gems created humanity as servants or toys in…”

So Gems as Primordials?

Given the way that Lapis (who may so far be considered representative of the other Gems attitudes) disdains their attachment to this unimportant planet and its goofy dumbasses, that the Crystal Gems are fond of humans even though they have difficulty understanding them, frequently express their power in gigantic forms, are associated with crystal, and may have turned against their kin for humanity (At least in part)…

Not only would the Gems be like PRimordials, they’d be like Autochthon.

The voices speaks, older than matter, older than existence itself, older than shapes.

My name is Primus.”

Older than faith, and tools, and dogma. And yet, in a way, it is younger than a disease that cripples; lesser in some ways, but greater in others. Closer to those shaped by the light of sentience. Transformed. 


I was Autochthon.”


michael wrecks some bitches on reddit (x)


Does anyone else remember playing music in Real One Player and just sitting there and watching this for like two hours



"will you ever stop drawing stuff from these episdoes"

probably not

and I thank you for it ; U ;